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Cinema Box Office top results week of May 21 - May 27, 2021 - Premiere Cinemas Texas

Premiere Cinemas gives 
independent filmmakers HOPE!

  This past weekend feature film Narco Sub had stunned the box offices in Pearland and Tomball, Texas. This was an amazing success for everyone involved with this veteran-centric feature film!!  

We are excited to see that independently produced movies
are performing well against HOLLYWOOD titles. 

. . . . and the Winner is

This isn’t your daddy’s Super 8 homemade indie film!!!   

Audiences can be happy to know that the high quality in which Narco Sub was Produced and Directed is a clear indication why this independent film gave Hollywood an awakening in the Cinemas, May 2021.   

Narco Sub lives up to the hype for sure!   

Have you watched it yet?

Nacro Sub proceeded to be the highest in ticket sales in Pearland, beating out: 

“Demon Slayer” and “Raya and the Last Dragon” just to name a couple!! 

This is quite impressive when we look at the big picture of what is happening in the entertainment industry.  

Number one, 

The audience has personally chosen what they WANT to see. . .

Number two, 

Hollywood film Marketing teams, with very large budgets have been out-smarted 

by independent filmmakers, as it pertains to ticket sales. 

An amazing showing for new talent in the industry Tom Vera as the lead playing “Bruce Styker”. 

IMDb - Tom Vera

Producers should be proud to know that talent, 

Mr. TOM VERA gets people in the seats! 

Audiences are left satisfied with some well known legends of Hollywood, with Tom Sizemore known from “Saving Private Ryan” and Lee Majors from “The Six Million Dollar Man” to complete the cast.  

Deepwater Productions and Premiere Cinemas are proud of independent test market run of “Narco Sub” in Houston area!

A combined weekend gross at two locations of $1660, 

shows a per screen average of $830.   

Co-producer of Narco Sub, Jen Barbeito

$830 is the number three per screen average of the top ten grossing films 

that are playing 21 May to 27 May!   

Thank you 

Premiere Cinemas!   

Huge respect  and congratulations to the film cast and crew on producing art that represents the independent filmmaking community monumentally. 

Keep up the top notch work!

This is true film distribution leadership, which shows us how to build a reputation of high quality and high standards in filmmaking.   

It's great to see a visionary and creative Executive Producer like Derek H. Potts, who is in the trenches with the filmmakers and distribution team. This type of working relationship shows a distinct difference from many other executive producers; it’s a great example for "the suits" in the film industry to follow.

Mr. Marcus T. Bovee II, founder of VetFlicks / Impact Releasing has added a tremendous amount of value and expertise to the marketing and distribution team at Deepwater productions. This collaboration shows how creative independent filmmakers can be when it comes to film distribution and ticket sales.

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